Every player gets a wristband at check-in, all referees are carrying a sharpie on them at all times – if you are caught breaking ANY rule you will get a mark on your wristband. Three marks on your wristband will result in expulsion for the day without a refund.


  • Eye protection must be worn at all times when on the field/past the staging area
      1. Over 18: You are only required to wear shooting glasses but full seal goggles and a mesh mask are recommended.
      2. Under 18: Must wear full face protection
        • This means a paintball mask or FULL SEAL goggles and a hard lower face mask that covers the mouth, cheeks, and chin 
        • Mesh goggles are not allowed, no exceptions. 
        • Shemaghs, bandanas, balaclavas do not count as lower face protection if you are under 18
  • Magazine must be removed from gun while in the staging area and pistols must be holstered.
      • BEFORE you leave the field or the chrono range, your magazine comes out, you shoot twice in the ground to clear your gun, and your safety is turned on. 
      • Clear gun before coming off the field, no dry firing in the staging area, we will yell at you for it – don’t take it personally.
      • Used for real emergencies only
      • When a cease fire is called your hands need to be off your gun entirely, whether that’s gun on the ground or slung on your back, your hands need to be completely off your gun. Take your magazines out but DO NOT clear your gun. After a cease fire is called no shots are to be fired.
      • Usually when a cease fire is called, someone lost their eye pro. No one wants to get shot in the eye right? (wait for answer) No one wants to shoot anyone in the eye right?
      • Echo the call to other players and point in the direction you heard it from that way the ref knows exactly where to go and we can get back to playing asap
      • Wait for the all clear from referee to start playing again
  • To be eliminated, you must be directly hit anywhere on your person.
      • Gun shots COUNT AS HITS. If you get hit anywhere on your person head to toe, including all of your gear, you are eliminated.
      • Ricochets from guns do not count as hits
      • Ricochets from grenades DO count
      • Throwing knife kills DO count, whether you’re kit with the blade or the handle.
  • Once eliminated, raise your gun or a dead rag in the air and yell hit. Return to your respawn as quickly as possible, once out of respawns go to the dead zone.
      • DEAD MEN DON’T TALK. If a dead player talks to living players about the game, positions, or movements, all players he talked to are now out as well. Respawn and then go back and tell your team where you got shot.
  • Surrender Rule:
    • IF you break 10 feet on someone and have the drop on them, you have the option to surrender that player. THE PLAYER DOES NOT HAVE TO SURRENDER TO YOU NOR DO YOU HAVE TO GIVE THE OPTION.
      • You have the option to surrender players if your MED is greater than 0ft or CQB but if the other 
    • If you are point blank on someone, TAP them with your gun, fake knife, etc, and say “SAFETY KILL;” the player is automatically out. You must say SAFETY KILL, not bang bang, your out, or anything of the sort.
  • Grenades:
      • All airsoft grenades and Taginn rounds have a 15 foot hit kill radius
        • If you are in the same room when one goes off, you are out, even if more than 15 feet away.
        • If your entire body is behind a wall, rock or any hard cover before it explodes, you are safe. You must be completely behind HARD COVER to avoid getting killed by a grenade. 
        • Shields are eliminated by grenades and Taginn rounds. If you are protecting other players behind your shield, you and all the players behind you within that 15 feet are eliminated.
      • Grenades that expel BB’s count if you are hit by a BB even if it is greater than 15 feet away from the grenade. Similarly, if you are not hit by a BB but you are within 15 feet of it going off, you are out. Ricochets from grenades DO COUNT AS HITS.
  • Rate of Fire and Speed:
      • Full auto may NOT be used within 20 feet of someone
      • Full auto may NOT be used inside of buildings
        • If you are on the first story, your gun must be 50% out of the window for you to use full auto
        • The only exception for this is when you are on the second story shooting out of a window
      • NO FULL AUTO ON GHOST TOWN. Whether playing on or into Ghost Town, no full auto is allowed on that map.
      • Anything that is not single fire semi-auto is considered full auto. That means two-round burst, three-round burst, and yes also full auto.
  • Chronographing: 
      • Your gun must be tested with the weight bb you plan on playing with that day.
      • We measure all speeds in joules, so even if your FPS is usually in a certain MED you might have a different one at this field.
      • YOU MUST BE CHRONOED EVERY TIME YOU COME PLAY. We change the colors associated with MEDs every weekend, so we will know if you did not test your gun.
      • If your gun has a feather trigger, you must be shooting sub joule. 
      • If you have any HPA tapped gun, you must get one of our tournament locks put on your regulator.
  • On the field
      • Play the fields how they are meant to be played, do not try to manipulate the field in any way to give yourself an advantage.
      • Blindfire
        • You have to have your target in clear site before you pull the trigger with your gun shouldered looking down your sights.
        • You cannot shoot through any holes that are smaller than your head.
  • Sportsmanship:
    • Language/Racism/Sexism is not tolerated and is grounds for expulsion for the day.
    • Arguing with the ref or other players is not tolerated
      • If you have an issue with another player, bring it up to the ref immediately after it happens. We can’t do anything about people causing problems four games later.
    • No touching of other players of any sort unless for barrel tagging
  • Cheating
      • The best way to deal with someone not calling hits is to just shoot them some more. A lot of times if they didn’t call it, you probably didn’t actually hit them. So shoot them again. We promise after you shoot them twelve times, they’ll probably call it.
      • If  you suspect someone is hit shrugging and you’ve continued shooting them but they still won’t call it, bring it to the ref immediately. All the referees are equipped with a ghosting gun, so they will shoot the player themselves. If the ref catches you not calling a hit, that will result in a mark on your wristband.
  • The most basic rules that we wish we didn’t have to say
    1. Do not climb trees. Do not jump out of second story buildings. Do not try to jump over any of our trenches. All in all, keep your feet firmly on the ground – humans have not evolved to fly just yet.
    2. We can’t do anything about go-pro footage unless you can definitively point that person out.
    3. Smoke grenades cause fires. If you plan on using a smoke grenade you must ask your referee before using it that day. You cannot throw smoke grenades in tall dry brush, and someone – whether it’s you, a teammate, or a referee – must keep an eye on the smoke grenade the entire time it’s burning.
    4. If you ask the referee if you can do something, and they say no, and you do it anyways that will result in an automatic ban. No exceptions.


We do not tolerate hostility of any kind. If the referee catches any players in a hostile situation, everyone involved will be sent home, no exceptions.