The minimum age for Low Impact (.50 cal) is 8 years old and the minimum for the Regular (.68 cal) is 10. 

No players under 8 will be allowed to play or spectate.

Low impact is only for children under the age of 16. Exceptions can be made after speaking to management staff.


Single and Group Packages

Single Player Package – $49 including tax (per player)

Includes field fee, 500 rounds of paint, all day air, a gun, mask, and pod pack.

Party package: 10+ Players  – $43 including tax (per player)

Includes all the same equipment as the single player package. Must have 10 or more players in the group & a reservation ahead of time. May pay separately or together.

Private Party

For groups of 8 or more you have the ability to be a private party. In order to be a private party, a reservation must be made at least one week in advance. We do not require 8 players, it’s just more fun with at least 8 players. You must specify at the time of your reservation that you will be a private party. If not, then you will not be private party and will play with the public. Booking a birthday party does not mean you are a private party. You must specifically reserve for a private party.

Private Party fee – $100 including tax (one time fee, not per person) This fee covers having a ref assigned to your group during the session.

In order to become a private party, reservations must be made at least one week in advance specifying that you are a private party. Must have 8 or more players. Private parties require the $100 fee as a deposit that will be paid through PayPal once you finish making your reservation. This deposit is fully refundable if you cancel your party at least 24 hours in advance.


Price Breakdown:

There is a $15 field fee for every player. This includes all day air and a pod pack, if necessary (this is included in the above packages).

Tippmann FT-12 marker rental: $4.95

Mask rental: $1.95

Thermal Mask Rental (non-fog): $5.95

Mask and Marker Rental: $5.95

Paint not included with prices above.


500 Rounds – $28

1000 Rounds – $49

2000 Rounds – $93

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