Low Impact!

.50 Caliber Paintball

.50 caliber is quite new to the paintball world. They are 30% smaller than regular, .68 caliber, paintballs. They also travels at a 17% lower velocity. The two combined provide for 67% less energy upon impact, which means almost no pain! The guns are smaller and lighter, which makes them much more manageable to carry around all day. Less pain, less weight, but no less fun!

Low Impact paintball also lowers the minimum age from 10 to 8, so no more sad faces when a little brother or sister are too young to play. Low Impact paintball is perfect for younger kids, first timers, a player who’s first time that didn’t go so well because they didn’t like the pain, or players who are hesitant about playing because of the pain.

Low Impact players only play with other Low Impact players, which means everyone will be using the same equipment, leveling the playing field.