Planet Eclipse Gtek

Like the Etha 2, the GTEK uses the Gamma Core drive train to provide an amazing shot with robust reliablity. The GTEK houses the drive train in a  more traditional style tournament marker platform, that is more ergonomically friendly than the Etha 2. It is also a touch lighter and features a quick releast bolt system as opposed to the Etha 2’s screw in bolt. The GTEK comes with an awesome Planet Eclipse cases with a great manual, spare parts, and a nice allen wrench set.

Comes with a free OLED Board




HDE Urban


  • Quick Release Bolt Mechanism
  • Spool Valve Operation
  • Gamma Core Drivetrain
  • 135psi Operating Pressure
  • ST1 Bolt
  • Micro Switch Trigger Activation
  • 3-Point Adjustable Trigger
  • Break Beam Breech Sensor System
  • Deftek Offset Feed
  • OLED Compatible Board
  • Composite Frame, Feedtube, Breech Sensor Covers, OOPS Knob
  • SL4 Inline Regulator
  • Shaft4/5 Compatible 14.5″ Gtek Barrel