Planet Eclipse Etha 2

At 399.95, the Etha 2 beats its competitors in everything besides material for the body and ergonomics. Other than that, the Etha 2 is one of the most reliable and smoothest shooting mid-range guns on the market. The Etha 2 features Planet Eclipses new Gamma Core Drive train, which they also use in the GTEK and GTEK160R. It is an extremely reliable spool valve engine with an amazing shot quality. It is a little long of a gun, so it might be harder for smaller players to handle, but for an average sized adult player, the Etha 2 is actually very comfortable. It features a POPS ASA for easy pressurizing and depressurizing. Not even the GTEK or GTEK160R come with the POPS! We use the Etha 2 as an upgraded rental gun here at Texas Paintball. It has proven itself worthy of the position over the past months of service.




  • Completely Re-designed Etha2 Platform
  • Powered by The Gamma Core Spool Valve Drivetrain
  • GRN Composite Outer Body
  • Aircraft-grade Aluminium Inner Body Core
  • Single-piece Grn Frame And Foregrip
  • Hose-less Air Transfer System
  • Push On Purge System (Pops) ASA Assembly
  • Lock N’ Load 9V Battery System
  • Tool-less Grip Access/Removal
  • Wire-less Frame To Body Connectivity
  • Ambidextrous Led Status Indicator
  • Deftek Offset Feed