Almost everything about the Dye DSR is new beside the Eye Pipe, barrel, and feedneck. The Bolt system is completely different than anything Dye has done before, and they nailed it. It is extremely simple making it a breeze to clean and maintence, yet it still provides an amazingly smooth and consistent shot. The trigger is perfect out of the box, but is still 4 way adjustable to make it perfect for all players. The ergonomics are great and it is an extremely light gun. I can’t say enough about the DSR, Dye really made an outstanding gun completely worth the $900 price tag.




  • All-new ARC Bolt
  • OLED with M.O.S.
  • Quick Release Bolt Assembly
  • Hyper 6 Regulator
  • Ultralite 45 Frame
  • Edge1 Trigger