Empire Axe Pro

The Axe Pro takes the reliability and shot quality of the Axe and puts it in a more comfortable and higher end body. The Axe Pro comes with an OLED screen for easy programming, a tooless clamping feedneck for quick hopper tightening, and a 2 piece Driver barrel for shot on shot consistency. Empire lengthened the marker to make it more stable while running and gunning and better ergonomics overall.


Silver/ Blue


  • Full feature Redline OLED board
  • Improved ergonomics in Grip Frame and Foregrip
  • Weather resistant
  • Simple push-button in-line bolt removal system
  • Small, compact Relay ASA
  • Standard Bore size .688 improved accuracy & efficiency
  • 7.5” Control bore and spiral porting
  • New trigger design with modular trigger guard
  • Easier Trigger maintenance
  • Externally serviceable Eyes
  • Double Eye system that is easy to clean
  • Rubber nub-style ball detents
  • Tool-less clamping feedneck
  • Integrated internal air channel