Tippmann 98 Custom

The Tippmann 98 Custom has been around a long time, and continues to prove itself as the most reliabe markers ever. The 98 Custom is the Ak47 of paintball. Throw it around, drop it in water, bang it on a few rocks, it doesn’t matter, the Tippmann 98 just works. If you’re looking for a gun that you’ll rarely have to maintence, this the marker. Drop a bit of marker oil in before you play and you’ll be good to go!





  • Easy-to-use semi-automatic marker that delivers reliable performance that can easily be upgraded
  • Split receiver design provides quick access to internal components for installation of upgrades and modifications
  • Picatinny rail along the top of the marker makes it easy to add a carry handle, scopes and other mods
  • Anti-Chop Technology (ACT) minimizes paint breakage
  • Tippmann’s proven inline bolt system