Low Impact

Low Impact Paintball – .50 Cal

.50 caliber paintball is quite new to the paintball world. It is much smaller (less than half the size) than a regular, .68 caliber, paintball. It also travels at a lower velocity. The two combined provide for a much less painful experience for new and younger players. The guns are also smaller and lighter, which makes the marker much more manageable for small kids to run around all day with. Less pain, less weight, but no less fun!


Low Impact paintball also lowers the minimum age from 10 to 8, so no more sad faces when a little brother or sister are too young to play. Low Impact paintball is perfect for kids 8 – 12 who are playing for the first time, or who’s first time didn’t go so well because they didn’t like the pain. Plus, .50 cal players will only play with other .50 cal players! So there is no longer a need to worry about your kids playing with aggressive adults and rambunctious teenagers. All .50 cal players will be younger kids (except for maybe a few dads or brothers (yes, dad’s and mom’s, you can play with your kids)).


We only have 30 .50cal guns, so make sure you make a reservation for .50 cal!