Virtue Spire III

The Spire 3 is easily the most innovative hopper on the market, but your wallet will feel it. One of the coolest aspects of the Spire 3 is being able to bluetooth connect to your phone to easily change settings. LED indicators on the sides tell you when you’re low on paint, running out of battery, or has a jam. The Spire 3 feauters the largest stock ball capacity of any hopper on the market at 230 rounds. And with a large lid, you won’t spill those 200 rounds all over the ground while reloading. At $249.95, it might sting a little bit, but you will not be dissapointed in it’s performance.








  • Hinged Shell Technology™
  • Higher 230rnd Capacity
  • Faster Jam Proof Feeding
  • Brittle Paint Performance
  • Improved Toolless Design
  • Toolless Tray Disassembly
  • 35% Smaller Spire Drive
  • Shock-mounted G-force Sensor
  • Magnetically Attached Spire Drive
  • Smart Spring Ramp Included
  • Toolless Electronics Package
  • Audible Reload Alarm
  • CPU-Optimized Motor Logic