Don't Miss Airsoft Sundays!

Weekend AIRSOFT SESSION – Sunday 9am – 6pm

Every Sunday, Texas Paintball host’s airsoft games open to everybody. We hold the safety brief at 10am and first game starts around 10:15, if you do not attend the safety brief then you can’t play the first game

We also have airsoft every Friday from 10am-3pm and entry is only $15! We usually have a smaller crowd on Fridays, but that opens up the opportunity to do some fun game types we are unable to do on Sundays!

We take a 30-45 minute break for lunch every Sunday at about 12:30pm or 1pm.

On Sundays the entry fee for airsoft is $25 per player. Everyone plays together! We’ll split into a younger and older group if it is necessary.


Texas Paintball does offer a rental package for $49 including tax. This package includes your field fee and a Tippmann Commando with two hi-cap magazines.


Here’s a quick run down of Joule limits for different guns.

*You MUST get chronoed every time you come to play and you must test your gun with the weight bb you plan on playing with that day.

  • 0J – 1.14J : engagement distance of CQB
  • 1.15J – 1.55J : engagement distance of 20 feet.
  • 1.56J – 1.86J : engagement distance of 50 feet.
  • 1.87J – 2.1J : engagement distance of 100 feet.

Click the button below to view the complete airsoft rules.                                                                                                                                                            **Please note this is only for reference, every player must attend the safety brief or read the laminated copy at the front desk each time you come play.


Players under 18 years of age must wear full face protection. This counts as either a paintball mask or full seal goggles and a METAL mesh lower face mask.

Players 18 or older do not have to wear lower face protection, but it is highly recommended. Players have had their teeth chipped and shot out before.

Must be 10 or older to play.


There is no open play on Saturdays, a reservation is required and walk-ins will not be accepted.

On Saturdays it is $34.95 a player, plus a $100 charge for a private party fee. You must have 15 or more players and a reservation one week in advance in order to come out on a Saturday.

Rental Mask: $1.95

Anti-fog thermal mask rental $5.95

Airsoft Shop

Texas Paintball’s Pro Shop is now selling airsoft equipment. This includes guns, Green Gas, grenades and BB’s of all sizes such as (.20 grams, .25 grams, .28 grams, .32 grams) all at very competitive prices.

For any other questions, please call or email us at: