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 Texas Paintball is open!

Friday (Paintball and Airsoft): 10am-3pm 

Saturday (Paintball Only): 9am-6pm 

Sunday (Paintball and Airsoft): 9am-6pm 


Special Announcements

$25 on Fridays from 10am-3pm, visit our specials tab for more information!

We fill tanks! If you need your tank filled and you aren’t playing, head on over! We’ll fill CO2 tanks for $4 and HPA (nitro) tanks for $5!

Please do not bring your dogs to Texas Paintball, we have off-leash dogs and we are not responsible for how they will react to other dogs.



Best fields in the nation

Ten custom-built fields for a unique experience each game. Click the image above for a video of a select few!

Fair and fun environment

Even teams and honest rules for consistently positive experiences

across its 40 acres, Texas Paintball will

 help you create stories you’ll retell for years

Here’s how it works:





10+ Players – $43 including tax per person                                                   *Reservation Required 48 hours in advance

Less than 10 – $49 including tax per person

Includes all rental equipment (mask, pod pack, gun) and 500 rounds of paint each.

Extra Paint

500 Rounds – $28.00

1000 Rounds – $49.00

2000 Rounds – $93.00

(all prices including tax)

You Book Online

or over the phone

You Show Up

ready to play

We Set You Up

with everything you need

You Play

for 4 hours (or until closing time)

Professional refs

With you from start to finish so all you have to do is show up and play

Clean facilities

A/C bathrooms, concessions, pro paintball store

you can feel confident you booked the best event

we’ll take care of
every detail for you

From the first time I visited Texas Paintball I was treated as if I had been playing there for years. The staff is Great and the professionalism is second to none. David, Travis and the rest of the team members made me feel right at home

– David Collier

I recently checked this place out with a friend of mine that have been playing airsoft for more than 8 years. I had a great experience from the beginning starting with the really friendly cashier which gave us a lot of information and was very helpful. All the players we really nice to us and made us feel very welcome at there field.

– Robert Johnson

TX Paintball is a great facility with great employees and ownership. Dave, the owner, is very helpful and knowledgeable about his and your gear. He can fix any marker, hopper and etc… you may have problems with, which he has done for me on several instances. His staff is very friendly with a some great technicians among them that can also help repair your gear.

– Michael Chaney

Myself, my two sons, and two of my older son’s friends played paintball for the first time at Texas Paintball two weeks ago and were immediately hooked. What is the BEST thing about Texas Paintball? The size! The fields are very large and one can really move around in them.

Best decision I ever made. They were the nicest paintball people I have ever met (been paintballing since 2004). Accomodated our party with no problem whatsoever, even though last minute. Helped us with anything we needed and even gave us discounts. Had awesome fields (5 more than outlaw) even a turf field! It was unanimously agreed – the best part of our bachelor party weekend! MAKE THE EXTRA DRIVE!

– Austin Murphy

…if you want a fun, quality, and safe experience to play paintball casually, I’d recommend Texas Paintball because of their great customer service, great fields, and an awesome staff.

– Joe Smith

we don't need any more boring parties

after 21 years of paintball, we know how to make sure you have a great time

10 million+ paintballs fired

most played complex in Texas because
paintball is more fun with more paint

15,000+ players competed

most populated field in Texas because
paintball is more fun with more people

1,000+ parties satisfied

most booked venue in Texas because
paintball is more fun when it’s done right

Additional Offers



Sunday 9-6

$25 per person


smaller gun,

smaller ball,

less pain on impact

There is no paintball battle loud enough to drown out
the silent satisfaction of a well planned party

 this is a party no one will want to end.
Book your paintball event today!

Texas Paintball proudly uses Petraviam paving