Single and Group Packages

Single Player Package – $44.95 + tax (per player)

Includes field fee, 500 rounds of paint, all day air, a gun, mask, and pod pack.

Party package: 5+ Players  – $37.95+ tax (per player)

Includes all the same stuff as the single player package. Must have 5 or more players in the group. May pay separately or together.

Private Party

For groups of 8 or more you have the ability to be a private party. In order to be a private party, a reservation must be made at least one week in advance and the party must have 8 or more players. You must specify at the time of your reservation that you will be a private party. If not, then you will not be private party and will play with the public. Booking a birthday party does not mean you are a private party. You must specifically reserve for a private party.

Private Party fee – $100 including tax (one time fee, not per person)

Includes a private ref for 4 hours. In order to become a private party reservations must be made at least one week in advance specifying that you are a private party. Must have 8 or more players. 

(The private party fee is addition to the regular per person package price.)


Price Breakdown:

There is a $15 field fee for every player. This includes all day air and a pod pack, if necessary (this is included in the above packages).

Tippmann FT-12 marker rental: $4.95

Mask rental: $1.95

Thermal Mask Rental (non-fog): $5.95

Mask and Marker Rental: $5.95

Paint not included with prices above.


100 Rounds – $7.46 ($8 with tax)

500 Rounds – $25.75 ($27.62 with tax)

1000 Rounds – $45.00 ($48.26)

2000 Rounds – $85.00 ($91.16)

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