Every game of paintball played on Normandy will be a true test of courage and resourcefulness. The day is June 6, 1944 and the Axis Armies are in control of the continent. The plan is to storm two beaches, Omaha Beach and Utah Beach. This game is another defend and conquer based game. In this game there are 2/3 as many attackers as defenders. The attackers will start close to the water flowing near the back of the field when the mission begins they have to storm the sandy beaches and take the well fortified hill, well under a constant barrage of paintballs. Normandy is Texas Paintballs largest field, covering up to three acres of obstacles such as a deuce, a half-army truck, a 1950’s military ambulance, old cars, boats, bunkers or in the trees, so players can’t afford to let their guard down and many other things to use as cover when conquering the axis powers.