Empire Mini GS

Empire Mini GS – $407.50 including tax

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The Texas Paintball Review

The new Empire Mini GS is the best starter electronic gun on the market. Hands down. Don’t waste your money on a sub $250 gun, or you’ll soon figure out why it was cheaper! The Mini GS is based on the same drive engine as the old Mini and the Axe, so it is superbly reliable with very little maintenance. And when it does need maintenance, just undo one screw and the bolt pops out the back. The new barrel has a lot more porting than the old Mini stock barrel, which means a quieter shot. In our opinion, you still might want to upgrade the barrel down the line, as it’s only 12″ and the bore size is a bit large.

The new rubber grips offer great comfort, but it is still a Mini, so it is very compact. If you have bigger hands, you may want to consider an Axe, but always try it before you judge! The trigger is a huge upgrade of the old mini. It now utilizes a micro-switch instead of a sensor for a more reactive trigger pull. The new trigger feels more akin to the Axe now, maybe even better than the Axe. The feednecks on the old minis weren’t very good. They bent easily and twisted off even easier. These new ones are tight on the gun and feel much stronger.

If you or someone you know is just starting to get into paintball, this is the gun to get. It preforms exceptionally in every environment, from the airball field to the dense woods.


  • New Rubber Grips – The GS Mini has a new rubber foregrip cover and re-designed trigger frame grip for superior handling with or without gloves.
  • New Regulator/ ASA – The GS series comes with a new low profile regulator with a lever actuated on – off ASA. No more chewed up O-rings when you least need it!
  • Weatherized Board and Housing – New weatherproof rubber membranes over the board’s foregrip housing and buttons prevent moisture from reaching the marker’s electronics.
  • New 2 Screw Size Design – The engineers at Empire reduced the number of Allen screw sizes in the Mini GS to just two. No more hunting for the right Allen key; just two and you’re good to go!
  • Microswitch Trigger Activation – The Mini GS boasts a new microswitch over the Hall Effect system for a fast and positive interface with your fingers.
  • Delrin Trigger Bushing – A new self-lubricating bushing reduces friction for a smooth trigger pull.
  • Stronger Clamping Feed Neck – A new glass-filled nylon composite feed neck with aluminum clamping lever is both stronger and lighter than the previous metal feed neck.
  • Classic Mini Compatible – The Empire Mini GS accepts all your favorite classic Mini internal upgrades and components.